Our Company operates internationally in fulfilling projects, ranging from feasibility studies, engineering and design, machinery sourcing, technical assistance, to the supervision of erection and start up of:

Complete Plants:
  • Particle Board Plants
  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Plants
  • Impregnation Plants
  • Short Cycle Lamination Plants
  • Plywood Plants
  • Power Plants

Complete Lines:
  • Green Area (debarking, chipping, flaking, conveying, storage)
  • Drying (drum driers, bundle driers, mesh and roller driers for veneer)
  • Finishing (board trimming, sanding, stacking)
  • Veneer (peeling, slicing, jointing, glue spreading)
  • Resin Plants


K-Service Italy S.r.l. offers engineering services for plant and machinery for the Woodworking Industry.

Accurate design of the factory by our expert project team, “tailored” to meet your requirements, from preliminary layouts to the start up and commissioning of the plant, will enable you to rapidly reach optimum levels of production and quality.


This is the initial stage of our contact with customers.

Your objectives, targets and requirements are considered, turned into an initial feasibility study and alternative solutions will be identified. The relevant conclusions will be applied to the project and will be used to optimise the return on your investment.


Our team can work with you to locate the best sources for machinery, spare parts and know-how, including the supply of any technical assistance that might be required during operation of the plant.


At an appropriate time, normally during project implementation, your operators will become familiar with the process monitoring, control and maintenance in first class plants similar to yours.


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